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Bespoke, Flexible Inbound and Outbound Call Centre Services

Forget India... call centres are moving to Bulgaria- says 'The Independent'.

The next time you pick up the phone to pay a bill, book a holiday or reserve some tickets, it's possible that you won't be speaking to an office in Cardiff or Sunderland or even Bangalore - but to someone at one of an increasing number of call centres in Bulgaria.

British firms such as Thomas Cook, eBay, Sky, Seatwave and Zumba Fitness have all outsourced aspects of their customer services to Bulgaria. Such deals have led some to suggest that India may finally be quietly losing its crown as the call-centre capital of the world.

We are a Bulgarian based call centre and we provide the following services: inbound and outbound call handling, and technical support. We are here to optimise your workflow and save up to 50% of your current call handling costs. There is no need to hire staff in the UK and pay UK rent, we are here to act as your office.

Outsourced Call Centre Support UK helps your business to deliver real and lasting value to your clients and customers through a tailored, comprehensive call centre service. We will provide expertise, we will increase your bottom line and our highly-trained, motivated agent teams will be available to your customers, suppliers and stakeholders around the clock.

Adaptive, Decisive and Quickly Mobilised

We use a tried and tested combination of speed and accuracy and we can react to mid-brief and deadline changes quickly and efficiently. Our flat management structure allows us to make fast decisions and we can mobilise our agent teams with ease.

The Best Outsourced Call Centre Staff in the Business

Our staff love working for us and for you, which is why we have such a low attrition rate. You wouldn’t employ staff who do half a job and leave your customers wondering why they deal with you and nor would we. We train them to exacting standards and they deliver for you, every time.

No ‘Off the Shelf’ Packages Here

Our service offering is consultative and collaborative. We won’t fob you off with a pre-delivered campaign. We’ll talk, listen, understand your brief, make relevant and appropriate recommendations and put together the tools you need for a successful campaign. We will then deliver on our promises.

Call Centre Support UK

Why we are your best business solution?

Call Centre Support UK is a Bulgarian call centre that offers flexible instruments for business processes optimization. Our primary focus is on increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We provide quality and professional inbound and outbound outsourced services at affordable prices. Our outsourced services include but not limited to:

Inbound Call Handling

Outbound Telemarketing and Telesales

Overflow and Out-of-Hours Call Handling

We will:

work with you to grow your business by generating leads, increasing sales, growing awareness and delivering customer services that your customers can rely on

reduce your staff needs and costs as well as increase profits with a flexible approach

reduce your capital outlay on equipment, technology, space and utilities

quickly react and respond to mid-project changes in your brief

use sophisticated technology, including advanced call scripting

only ever use highly-trained, knowledgeable and experienced call centre staff you can rely on to get your key messages across

Services we offer

Lead generation
Technical support
Market research
Customer care service
Customer acquisition
Back office

Our advantages are:

Personal attitude


Enthusiastic attitude towards work

We work TOGETHER with you, for the achievement of your success

Phone, e-mail and chat utilized

Competetive prices

Our Mission

Call Centre Support UK is a company that works with you. We want to help you achieve more that’s why we help local and international businesses with their BPO and help develop and expand their reach to clients.

You pay for commitment, for the right skills and the right approach. These are the key for a successful call centre and therefore a successful service providing business.

The key is to find the right strategic partner who cares for you and the well-being of your business, someone who will bring up new and innovative ideas in order for your business to compete more successfully on the market.

Why choose Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has also proven to be one of the most attractive destinations to invest in along Eastern Europe because of its low deficit levels, low and stable inflation rates and an amazingly low corporate tax of 10%.

Our employees not only speak English fluently, but they understand perfectly how British culture is developing and are with adequate perceptions of your clients habits and needs.

We offer geographical proximity as well – we serve your customers from the same time zone, since Bulgaria’s time zone is GMT +2 the difference between hours is not that sensible for each of the parties.

We ensure you that in this country the operational costs are lowest in the EU, so that’s a worry you don’t need to have. For more information on prices, please contact us.

Why choose us?

  • We are reliable in working time, suitable for every UK based customer – we provide a call centre and Business Process Optimization for everyone.
  • We offer quality – Call Centre Support UK strives to improve partners customer relationships, helping our clients develop a net of loyal connections. We operate in order to tailor your client’s wishes and give them the satisfaction they need to stay attached to your company.
  • We offer you our innovative ideas and we are commited to help improve our customers’ BPO process using our experience, creativity, ability to look into and introduce you to a bigger and brighter future of your company.