Technology IndustryNowadays everything is about technology. And we mean everything. Phones, tablets, laptops, even e-books (i.e. Kindle) are a part of our lives and we constantly use them. Daily Mail informs us that the average person checks and unlocks their phone up to 110 times a day, according to the Android app Locket. This survey only can prove you that the technology is a initial part of our daily routine.

The technology world can be described in only two words - dynamic and highly competitive. There are constantly new things to pop up on the market and the competition is crucial. More and more advertisements come up and fill the industry, which is expanding more and more as we speak. Considering this, you know that focusing on your core competences is essential if you wish to succeed and lead a well-established company. If you decide to concentrate on that, how would you handle your customer services and tech support?

Let us interfere here and tell you that you can go and climb whichever technological peaks you’d like, while we take care of your customers. It is essential for our work to provide excellent service on behalf of your business, because this not only will speak highly of you, but we will be proud for ourselves that we have put on an exquisite performance. Keeping your clients happy and satisfied thought their life-cycle with your company is the lead reason that you would consider us to become your partner - we don’t back down and we strive to prove that to you with results.

The services we can provide to you are:

  • B2B & B2C inbound and outbound sales, including up-sell and cross-sell campaigns
  • Level 1 & Level 2 tech support
  • Lead generation
  • Customer services & Help Desk