Travel IndustryThe travel industry has been expanding over the years and it will continue for as long as we don’t evoluate and get wings on our backs so we can transport ourselves. So… for a pretty long time we will have to depend on different ways of transportation such as planes, cars, buses, trains, etc. Thus comes the rush for reservations and obtaining of tickets and for larger companies, that is something that needs to be carefully and precisely done. If you are well-known travel agency then you must have a number of people to work backstage as to receive calls and reservations from different locations.

If we talk about competition, then just ask yourself when was the last time you bought a plane ticket - there are numerous travel agencies that try to offer the cheapest way to move from destination A to destination B. Even if your company provides rent-a-car services, the basics are the same. Competition is everywhere in order to survive it, you need to have a good customer support team to maintain your clients in the best way possible.

That’s why we at our Call Centre Customer Support office in Bulgaria are positive that we can step up your game on the market and provide you with everything you need in order to keep and attract more customers. If you’ve spent hours searching for a customer care office or a call centre support, rest your worries, because you came to the right place. We are fully trained to provide true and unrivaled customer care and prove to your company that we are the right choice!

The services we can provide for your travel agency depend on your preferences, but the main support that is offered through our call centre are:

  • Taking reservation
  • Customer services
  • Live chat support
  • Promotion upsell campaigns
  • Cross sell campaigns