Why choose Bulgaria?

Recent surveys show that Bulgaria has been ranked among the top 4 most attractive countries for outsourcing and it is a desired destination for such activities in Europe. The call centre and BPO industry has proven to be developing pretty well during the past few years, ensuring that the business ground is stable for such operations regarding your company.

Bulgaria has also proven to be one of the most attractive destinations to invest in along Eastern Europe because of its low deficit levels, low and stable inflation rates and an amazingly low corporate tax of 10%.

Another important detail for running a successful call centre is the employees. Communication between people from different countries might be difficult to achieve, because cultures and views differ one from another. That’s why our employees not only speak English fluently, but they understand perfectly how British culture is developing and are with adequate perceptions of your clients habits and needs.

We offer geographical proximity as well – we serve your customers from the same time zone, since Bulgaria’s time zone is GMT +2 the difference between hours is not that sensible for each of the parties.

Probably one of the questions that pops up most frequently is how are the prices going in Bulgaria? We ensure you that in this country the operational costs are lowest in the EU, so that’s a worry you don’t need to have. For more information on prices, please contact us.